Our journey towards starting a family has, so far, lasted 15 months…

For me that has meant 1 chemical pregnancy; zero for 13 cycles; 1 miscarriage at 6 weeks; 4 ultrasounds to check tubes, early pregnancies and empty wombs; 1250 ante natal vitamins; 7 pregnancy tests; 30 ovulation tests; 15 visits to the GP; 2 visits to the Reproductive Medicine Unit; 24 acupuncture sessions; zero caffeine; zero alcohol; an unspecified number of hours talking and writing about it.

For DH this has meant 4 sperm analyses; 1 diagnosis of worse than poor sperm morphology; 1 scrotal ultrasound; 1250 ante natal vitamins; zero caffeine; zero alcohol; zero sugar; 3 stone loss in bodyweight; an unspecified number of hours listening to me talk about it.

At the time of updating I am 7.5 weeks pregnant and hoping against hope we will finish our journey with 1 healthy baby.

Good luck to everyone out there trying to identify their storks; I hope your skies are cloudless and your visibility good.