In the last six weeks the Stork has been bossily over-seeing my nesting activities at home and in the workplace. There’s a bathroom to be renovated, a nursery ceiling to be re-painted and a whole business to be re-structured in time for me going on maternity leave. Last week I woke up in the middle of the night convinced I’d be a terrible mother because I can’t cook or drive so the Stork has been urging me to get on and bake a damn soufflé while getting to grips with reverse parking.

Now we are entrenched in 2011 I find myself firmly on the other side of the Christmas threshold, staring Feet’s (from Foetus) arrival – on or around 18th April – squarely in the face. The race is on to ensure everything is in place at work and in the home. I know I will wring every last bit of Control out of the coming months, regardless of whether I should be resting or not, in the knowledge that when he/she/it finally does arrive Control is something I’ll be waving Goodbye to for a long time to come.

Otherwise, and most importantly, our 25 week old little Feet enjoyed its first Christmas problem free apart from the stretching aches and pains that had its Mummy pacing the flat like a caged tiger. It spent time continuing to build its house, now fully insulated with mince pies, two Christmas dinners and a double glazing’s worth of chocolate.

Happy New Year, everyone. If your Stork has arrived, I hope it continues to watch over you and fluff its matronly feathers. If it hasn’t yet made an appearance, I hope your 2011 flight path is clear and the landing strip well lit.