When I wrote Golden Scans Part 1, Part 2 was going to be about the sonographer’s comicly inept assistant who failed to put crucial scan measurements into the computer, resulting in DH and I being told that we had a much higher than usual chance of delivering a Down’s Syndrome baby. That was a skickening rollercoaster to ride as we were presented with our various amniocentisis options. Once the inept assistant (who also took a blood pressure reading from me that, if actually correct, would have meant I was dead) had been picked up on her errors, everything was fine.

As it turns out, Part 2 exists in another form, although also taking the shape of a dramatic rollercoaster ride. Two days ago I went to the loo and found that I was bleeding, enough to think “I shouldn’t be getting a period right now.” Of course my heart stopped. There was only one possibility in my mind. I was miscarrying. In the sodding cinema.

I spent that night awake, preparing myself for what I would do next. What we would do next. I saw my GP first thing the next morning who sent me straight to the hospital for a scan. The baby seemed, in their words “unharmed by the bleeding” which was the most unexpected news. I’d heard bleeding was common in pregnancy, but it wasn’t the first factoid that sprang to mind when it happened to me.

They think it was to do with a low lying placenta, or, rather like my seven week scan (when they found blood in my urine) something to do with me and my lovely kidneys. So more tests for me.

It was a happy ending. I am pleased to say. Please, please can I have a bit of flat land before the next big dipper?