In the two days before my 12 week scan I reverted to the teenager I was in the run-up to exams. That teenager would have a bath at 7pm the night before the exam, both to relax, ensure a good night’s sleep and, crucially, not to waste precious time in the morning when she could be swotting up on notes or arriving three hours early for said exam. That teenager would gather her pencils in a special case, open and close it twice for luck, three times for some extra special blessings, then shuffle, read and re-read any necessary papers. She would lay her clothes out in neat piles and set two alarm clocks.

I did all this and more in the run-up to the scan. I jumped over paving stone cracks, avoided ladders and bought a second alarm clock.

None of it stopped me from feeling so nervous I nearly didn’t turn up to the scan, so desperate was I not to get bad news.

But it turned out the paving stone crack avoidance technique worked. Because I have a healthy baby growing inside me and I’d leap oceans to make sure that carried on for longer than I will ever be alive.