Many thanks to Esperanza who has bestowed upon me a Happy 101 Award. It offically brought more Happy 101 to my life than the Happy 911 I had been feeling so, thank you.

And as part of the conditions of my acceptance I must outline the things that make my day:

1 – My best friend’s baby being born. He is offically the most perfect baby I’ve ever seen, but I am his God-Mother, Aunt, best friend to his mother, sister-in-law to his father and therefore personally, professionally and emotionally invested in every area of his 1 day life so far.

2 – Getting up at exactly the right time in the morning so as to walk straight onto a bus, and get a seat; turn up at the front of the queue in the coffee shop; get everyone at their least badly behaved when answering the phone; actually know what I want for dinner and generally not struggle against the daily grind that is 9 to 5 office life working in a city.

3 – Red wine and pizza. In my mouth. At the same time.

4 – Spending 5 out of 15 waking hours in a bath like I did yesterday, with my head under the water so I could listen to the couple in the flat downstairs arguing.

5 – Cappuccino and coconut bread after a 1 hour run.

6 – Telling a spontaneous joke or story that is, quite simply, unselfconsciously, hilarious to me, and ideally other people (otherwise it’s just embarassing).

7 – Writing a blog that no one in my life knows about but me and DH.

8 – Fitting something in your flat that entirely changes the quality of your life e.g. a hook in the bathroom.

9 – Finding something you never knew you wanted e.g. leggings, a husband.

10 – The sound of birds singing, children laughing and people falling over.

And, without further ado, I’d like to transport Happy 101 to the following bloggers:

1 – Everyone Else But Me – Who is in a frustrating waiting period in, what seems, like every aspect of her life.

2 – Sprogblogger – who is going through an anxiety induced bit of her pregnancy this weekend.

3 – The A.R.T of Baby Making who is felling a bit crap and had some work done on the pituitary link to the big toe which, I know from experience, feels like someone is crushing glass into your foot.

4 – Babies Everywhere who is grappling with the thorny issue of positive thinking

5 – And back to Esperanza because she’s feeling a bit crap about her best friend.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.