This article, written by the medical correspondent for The Telegraph, says that women who are able to “go with the flow” have more success with IVF than women who aren’t able to “go with the flow”.  FYI, the article defines women who aren’t able to “go with the flow” as “typically feeling there was more they could do to increase their chances of success, such as exercise, taking vitamins, praying or using alternative therapies.”

I may not be experiencing IVF but I am trying to conceive and, if this article is to be believed, I have a personality defect. I have an attitude problem that is hindering my chances of starting a family.

I know I’m a contra-flow kinda gal, always have been.  Taking vitamins? Since the age of 17.   Exercising?  Training for a half marathon. Praying?  Maybe not in a church or a mosque but I write to the secular community of online bloggers hoping someone out there will shower me with divine advice. Alternative therapies?  Yoga.  Check. Massage.  Check.  Reflexology (one of the more stressful experiences of 2009, but that’s another story.)

So if I my mind is lessening the chances of conceiving, and my body is lessening the chances of conceiving, what’s left to cajole the little baby from its shelf in the sky?  My soul!  I’ve heard tell that a soul never dies so right now I’m praying that I was a voodoo fertility doctor in my former life and not a fascist dictator.